Assisted Dying

Helga Riemer suffers from intense neuropathic pain from having a stroke. She is not eligible for a physician-assisted death under Bill C-14 because her death is not reasonably foreseeable. This documentary explores the complexities of this legislation and its impact on Canadians.

Ryerson School of Journalism 13/12/16


Swim Low: Ryerson student makes film festival debut

At this time of year, most students are cramming for exams. But, Amanda Wong is getting ready for the premier of her film. Ryerson’s Film Festival will be showing the coming-of-age drama Swim Low.

Ryerson School of Journalism 07/04/16

Dealing with PTSD after war

Canadian war veteran, Phil Kuurstra, talks to The Sheridan Voice about his experience with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Sheridan Files 07/11/12

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