From flesh to pixels 

The skin tones chosen for Emojis weren’t picked randomly. Those colours are based on a scale that has been around for decades.

Ryerson School of Journalism 22/11/16

Your workout is finished upgrading

Despite there being hundreds of fitness apps, this one manages to make your workouts more convenient and smarter than what the others can offer.

Ryerson School of Journalism 01/11/16

Music in the dark

Imagine never being able to see again. Scary, right? The Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Musicians@Ryerson want to show you how it doesn’t have to be.

                                                                                              Ryerson School of Journalism 27/11/13

Culturaljam ’13: Religious symbols, cultural appropriation and everything in-between

The Ryerson Students’ Union wants students to be better informed about the many cultures represented on campus.

Ryerson School of Journalism 13/11/13

Weekend studio art tour, sale features paintings, prints, drawings by Gery Puley

Puley has had a passion for art since she was a teen and, as a result, spent her life painting scenery from different countries and teaching others to unleash their inner artist.

                                                               The Burlington Post 31/05/13

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